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Legal Links - For Your Interest


Links to Interesting Law-Related Web Sites

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Bar Associations


American Bar Association 


New York State Bar Association


Bronx County Bar Association


Everything You Want to Know About New York's Court System


• New York State Unified Court System


U.S. District Court Southern District New York


Navigating the Government Maze


Federal Government


New York State Government


New York City Government


Westchester County Government


Yonkers City Government


• Mount Vernon City Government


White Plains City Government


Larchmont Village Government


Town of Mamaroneck Government


New Rochelle City Government


Federal, State & Local Laws

(Presented for general interest only. The laws on these sites may have been subsequently amended

or may not be a complete listing. Only a lawyer can provide advice as to the latest laws, how case law

has affected the laws and how the laws apply to your particular matter. These links cannot

provide legal advice, but only "food for thought" when consulting a lawyer.)


Federal Statutes


Federal Regulations


New York State Laws (use "search" or click the  blue abbreviations to the left of the titles)


New York State Regulations


New York City Charter, Code & Rules


Westchester County Code


Zillions of Municipal Codes for Cities, Towns & Villages in New York State


Do You Want to Read Important Court Decisions?

(Presented for interesting reading only. Remember, cases can be overruled or changed by later cases

or laws and it takes a lawyer to properly interpret a case's import. Be sure that your legal advice

comes from your lawyer and not from your impression of any case you may read.)


The United States Supreme Court - including links to the latest rulings


Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions in the Bound Volumes (from 1991 on - you need the citation to find the case)


Brief Descriptions of Some Landmark United States Supreme Court Decisions


Older (1937 to 1975) United States Supreme Court Decisions (some interesting ones are in here: Brown v. Bd. of Ed; Miranda; Roe v. Wade; and a lot more


Recent New York Court of Appeals Decisions (The Court of Appeals is New York's highest court)


• Decisions of the Court of Appeals and the Appellate Divisions from about 2003 and some trial court decisions as well


• Google "Scholar" - Search Federal and State Case Law


Securities & Exchange Commission On-Line Filings (EDGAR)


SEC Filings


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